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Spout Pouch Packaging Solutions: Custom Packaging

Fitment pouches, also known as spout pouches, are growing in popularity for packaging many types of food and non-food products as they provide a less expensive, fully printable, more environmentally friendly alternative to rigid containers.

Flair Flexible Packaging offers a wide range of fitment and design options all intended to make products more attractive in the marketplace, and more user-friendly in the home.

  • Top, bottom, and fitment filling options
  • Reclosable spouts in various diameters
  • Drinking and pouring spouts
  • Tamper-evident/resistant caps
  • Hang holes
  • Handles
  • Advanced rotogravure printing

From food products like juices, soups, and sauces, to nonfood products like shampoo or seeds, Flair's advanced engineering and innovative design team can help create a package that stands up to processing and distribution and stands out in the marketplace.

To learn more about Flair's fitment and spout packaging, download our brochure or contact Flair today.