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Vacuum Packaging Solutions: Custom Packaging

Vacuum pouches provide a versatile packaging method for a wide variety of food and non-food products. FlairPak® vacuum pouches are constructed from optimized film structures that ensure excellent barrier properties, reliable seals, and compatibility with virtually all vacuum chamber machines.

Commonly used to protect foods such as meat and cheese in a vacuum sealed environment, FlairPak® custom high-barrier structures can be used to eliminate oxygen transmission and maintain modified atmospheres. These unique barriers can also be used for non-food applications such as protecting sensitive electronic components from static electricity, dust, and airborne particles.

Available in standard thicknesses from our extensive stock packaging program, FlairPak® films are available in specialty formats to meet unique processing and product needs.

  • Pre-zippered pouches
  • Clear front/printed back pouches
  • Safe handling pouches
  • Custom pouches

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