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Vacuum Pouch Packaging Solutions: Stock Packaging

As versatile as they are functional, FlairPak® vacuum pouches are made by nine-layer co-extrusion to provide optimal barrier properties and reliable seals for a variety of meat, cheese, and seafood applications. These premium, standard-barrier, three-side seal vacuum pouches are available in several sizes to ensure compatibility with virtually any vacuum chamber machine, and several thicknesses to provide the necessary level of protection through any processing and distribution program.


FlairPak® Vacuum Pouches

  • FlairPak® 300: 2.8 mil thick, suitable for vacuum packaging a variety of products in virtually any vacuum chamber machine
  • FlairPak® 400: 3.7 mil thick, well-suited for heavier materials or more rigorous processing and distribution conditions
  • FlairPak® 500: 4.7 mil thick, ideal for heavy products that require protection through aggressive handling conditions


FlairPak® 300 safe handling pouches are constructed of nine-layer co-extrusion film and are surface printed with standard safe handling instructions printed in blue.


Pre-zippered: 4.0 mil thick, high-barrier, pre-zippered pouches are constructed with an open bottom for convenient filling and sealing. Recommended seal temperature of 150 C to 180 C.

Clear Front/Printed Back Vacuum Pouches

Clear front/printed back high-barrier vacuum pouches are perfect for packaging processed meats and other items that require high oxygen barriers but benefit from crystal clear product visibility.

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