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Bag Packaging Solutions


Commonly known as the traditional "coffee bags," M-seal bags are used to package a variety of products such as tea, cookies, snacks, rotisserie chickens, and of course, coffee. They are also used in larger sizes to package products such as pet food and rice. M-seal bags are available in a variety of structures offering a range of barrier properties and performance characteristics. 

M-seal bags have a bottom seal and side gussets. The bottom seal can be made with or without a V-seal or V-cut. The side seal can be made as a center back fin seal, an edge fin seal, or 4-corner post seal (quad seal). Pressure release valves, reclosable zippers, and tin-tie closures can also be applied to the bags to meet unique product requirements.

Flair stocks M-seal bags in a variety of colors with matte and gloss finishes in high-barrier foil laminations. Our stock program is administered through four warehouses located in North America, giving customers multiple shipping options.

Flair's advanced rotogravure printing offers customers creative colorful opportunities for customizing M-seal bags with unique logos, product descriptions, and company information. Flair's innovation-driven Design Group can also help develop unique images and graphics to help products stand out from the competition. 

To learn more, download our M-Seal bags brochure, or contact Flair today.