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Stock Packaging Solutions: Plain Coffee Bags with Degassing Valve

Designed to protect flavor and extend shelf life of freshly roasted coffee, Flair's one-way degassing valves allow roasters to package their blends sooner and preserve their rich flavor longer. These innovative valves provide an outlet for off-gassing (the releasing of carbon dioxide (CO2) by coffee beans after roasting) without allowing flavor-damaging oxygen to enter the package. Pressure is released, flavor is retained, and opportunities are created. 

While ideal for coffee products, one-way degassing valves are also suitable for certain pet food, chemical, and pharmaceutical applications.

Flair's M-seal coffee bags are available in high-barrier foil laminations in many colors, sizes, and finishes, with a bottom seal and side gussets that expand during filling, and a quad-style bottom seal for added reinforcement.

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