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Stock Packaging Solutions: Plain Coffee Bags with Tin-Tie & Degassing Valve

Adding tin-ties and degassing valves to plain coffee bags creates a uniquely dual featured package that extends shelf life and increases consumer friendliness. One-way degassing valves facilitate packaging immediately after roasting by allowing carbon dioxide (off-gas) to escape without allowing flavor-damaging oxygen to enter the package. While tin-ties provide a simple means of reclosing the package, allowing users to maintain freshness throughout shelf life.

Although typically used for coffee packaging, these multi-feature bags are also suitable for a variety of food and non-food applications such as pet foods, pharmaceutical, and chemical products for which degassing is essential and reclosability is beneficial.

Flair M-seal bags are available in high-barrier foil laminations in many colors, sizes, and finishes, with a bottom seal and side gussets that expand during filling, and a quad-style bottom seal for additional reinforcement.

To learn more about M-seal bags or to request samples for testing, contact Flair today.