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Custom Packaging Film Solutions: Forming & Non-Forming Film

PLATINUM+ thermoforming films have been performance-enhanced to feature a wide operating window, resolving many common challenges experienced in thermoforming packaging, while at the same time, delivering your brand an exceptional product aesthetic. Offering consistency across a wider temperature range, Flair's PLATINUM+ thermoforming films are designed to be an ideal solution for a large variety of products, on most popular thermoforming machines. 


Operational Convenience & Efficiency

Thermoforming film performance is influenced by a large variety of considerations, which include roll storage conditions, processing environment, and the machines they run on. This complexity has meant time, material and resource costs that are often associated with making incremental changes to fit your machine with the film requirements.


By expanding the operating window, Flair's PLATINUM+ thermoforming films effectively minimize these costs, along with the frustration that can come with them.  A wider temperature range for optimal performance ensures that our film requirements are made to fit your machine, while at the same time, allowing the film to run faster without compromising the quality of your packaging.



Consistent Performance for Premium Presentation

Premium presentation of your finished package is also influenced by a variety of factors, some of which can be unique to your product and process. However, many common challenges with presentation can be attributed to machine temperature and film performance, including unattractive bagging of excess film around the product, inconsistent pocket depths or sizes, wrinkling, or curling.


Whether your machine is at the top or bottom of the operating range, or your product is fresh, frozen or processed, Flair's PLATINUM+ thermoforming films deliver the desired performance to make your brand shine on any shelf. Offering advanced pocket definition and strong, dependable seals at low temperatures, PLATINUM+ forming films are an ideal solution for products that undergo adverse changes with exposure to heat, such as cheese or frozen products. Tight formability with exceptional film memory, coupled with exceptional contact clarity and gloss, ensures a crystal clear view of your product's appetizing appeal for consumers. PLATINUM+ non-forming films have also been engineered to perform consistently across the operating window, improving heat resistance to deliver an enhanced lay-flat display on finished packages, making it the ideal pairing for a complete thermoforming packaging solution.

Forming Features & Benefits
  • Tight formability
  • Consistent pocket sizes & even side wall distribution for deep & shallow drawing 
  • Retention of barrier properties through processing 
  • enhanced clarity & gloss 
  • Forms consistent pockets strong seals at low & high temperatures
Non-forming Features & Benefits
  • performance-enhanced for reduced curling & wrinkling at high temperatures
  • Improved lay flat display of finished packages

  • Enhanced clarity & gloss 

Reach out to your Flair expert, view our catalog, or connect with us to request samples or learn more about how PLATINUM+ films can resolve your challenges, while enhancing your experience with thermoforming films.