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Packaging Film Solutions: Custom

At Flair Flexible Packaging, we specialize in finding solutions to your particular packaging needs. Our custom film packaging program offers films in a variety of compositions, capabilities, and machine compatibility. At Flair, we understand that films must perform on high-speed equipment and withstand incredible pressures. With this in mind, we provide both custom-printed solutions, as well as rapid access options of pre-printed films that can be ordered by the case and are available to anyone who requires an innovative and reliable packaging solution.

Flair's forming film program offers excellent formability, gloss and contact clarity characteristics. Our forming films feature a variety of different barrier properties, including high-barrier films that are ideal for products such as bacon, smoked meats, or any product that undergoes oxidation or rancidity, as well as standard-barrier structures, ideal for fresh meats and cheese. Custom structures are also available for enhanced breathability, peelability, and color. Flair's non-forming film products, applied to your product in conjunction with our forming films, create seals that cannot be compromised. Our non-forming films come in a variety of gauges that can be slit to custom widths to work for your product specifically. Flair also stocks many pre-slit rolls for rapid distribution. While our non-forming films are available in co-extruded and laminated structures, we also offer custom structures to provide tailored characteristics such as peelability, alternative seal layers, and exceptional rotogravure printing.

Our LiDynamics® program includes a broad scope of performance characteristics to meet the needs of virtually any tray of cup filling application. The applications of our LiDynamics program motivate your customers to choose your product by maintaining freshness, flavor, and appearance. Flair's engineering and design teams can help develop packaging structures and graphics that protect, preserve, and present your product in a way that stands up to shipping and handling, and stands out from the crowd. Flair also offers a number of custom design options, such as gauge thickness, barrier properties, anti-fog properties, high clarity, and rotogravure printing.