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Design Team at Flair Flexible Packaging

The Flair Design team offers complete creative design and reproduction services, all the way from concept to product. 

  • Outstanding design to make a powerful lasting impression...
  • Packaging to communicate clearly and powerfully...

Our clients are committed to producing high quality products. Our goal is to make their products look as good as they really are. Our package designs capture the eye and communicate product benefits in a way that won't leave customers guessing. Beginning with concept and ending with the final image, the Flair Design team provides the last word in creativity and reproduction services.

Professional Quality Print Management

Design Cycle
  • Plate Production Control
  • Color Matching Control

Experienced Design Layout & Assembly Service

  • Archiving Files
  • File Revision / Adjustment
  • Layout Corrections
  • Die Line & Mock Up Service

Imaginative Creative Design Services

  • Design, Brand & Product Identity
  • Product Package / Layout Design
  • Product Marketing Solution