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Manufacturing & Quality Assurance Team at Flair Flexible Packaging

Flair operates state-of-the-art converting facilities in the United States, Canada, and Korea.

Some of our services include:

  • 3-side seal pouches with and without reclosable zippers
  • Stand-up pouches with and without reclosable or permanent zippers
  • M-seal bags with and without reclosable zippers
  • Slitting/Rewinding
  • Flexographic surface printing
  • Rotogravure reverse printing
  • Air-hole application
  • Fitment/Spout application
  • Laser microperforations
  • Tear notch application
  • Degassing valve application
  • Tin-tie application
  • Customized film structure development

We assure the highest quality and lowest deviation that our clients expect, taking into account the following factors:

  • Precise specification and technical data sheets for all the packages we produce
  • Rigorous checking and rechecking of die line specifications.
  • Winding direction charts and accurate eye-mark positions
  • Box marking and identification
  • Production tracking systems to maintain levels of quality throughout the production process.
  • ISO certification for all our suppliers
  • On-site quality control engineers who monitor our plant production

Every Flair product comes with a quality guarantee. We stand by our packaging and strive to produce and convert only the very best in high-end packaging.