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Technical Engineering Team at Flair Flexible Packaging

Our packaging engineers have extensive experience and dedicate their knowledge to assist in production of high quality packaging products. 

Our engineering team is dedicated to manufacturing the safest, highest quality film and bags. There is no aspect of package engineering that we leave unexplored:

  • Automation capabilities
  • Appearance and texture
  • Bag/pouch sizing and configuration
  • Burst tests
  • Chemical resistance tests
  • Compliance to USDA, FDA and CFIA regulations
  • Easy opening features
  • Environmental chamber test (storage condition, transport condition and shelf condition tests)
  • Film clarity assessments (haze tests)
  • High barrier properties for better shelf-life
  • ISO 9002 quality assurance
  • ISO 22000 (equivalent to HACCP for food safety)
  • Material identification (MSA, FTIR, DSC testing equipment)
  • Material reduction for sustainability
  • Material strength
  • MSDS sheets provided upon request
  • Oxygen and moisture transmission rate testing (using OTR and MVTR testing equipment)
  • Palletizing (using angle tester)
  • Residual solvents test (gas chromatography – mass spectrometry)
  • Retort test (retort chamber with high air pressure and high temperature)
  • Seal strength, elongation, tensile strength and COF (Universal tester and heat gradient tester)
  • Temperature sensitivity / resistance
  • Water vacuum chamber tests
  • We are always exploring film modifications and new structures to add benefit and quality to the industries we serve.

Whatever film structures are needed, our experts will work hard to find and build them. We also perform analysis testing and find ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Together we strive to uphold Flair's greatest strengths: quality control, precision and cost effective manufacturing.