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Artwork Management at Flair Flexible Packaging

A look through any grocery store or kitchen cupboard will reveal the variety of colors, shades and tones available today to make custom packaging design come to life. Red, for example, can be bright red, cherry red, maroon, burgundy, or merlot, just to name a few. These subtle but crucial variations are among the many elements of Flair's artwork management process including its proprietary Brand Color Management.

Recognizing the vast variety and nuances of color, Flair takes a quantitative approach that ensures color accuracy that maintains customers' brand presence consistently. From ideas on paper to print on packaging, Flair's design team works with customers to make even the most detailed design vision a reality.

Brand Color Management: Consistency is key

  • Quantitative-based system that measures color accuracy
  • Q-color evaluation scores ensure color consistency
  • Utilizes CIE L*a*b* color values to pinpoint color accuracy

Art Review and Samples: Approval before production

  • Art reviews, color proof verification, and customer approval processes
  • Press proofs
  • Retained samples

To learn more about Flair's Custom Design Team and how we can help your packaging design stand out on the shelf, contact Flair Flexible Packaging today.