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Process Management at Flair Flexible Packaging

Flair's commitment to customers' success begins in the laboratory and continues in customers' production facilities. From selecting or creating the perfect packaging to confirming optimal performance, Flair's process management programs ensure packaging specifications that are always met, and packaging success is always achieved.

Step 1. Customization of packaging film structures designed to meet requirements including shelf-life, machinability, processing systems and processes (boiling, pasteurization, retort, and rapid quick freezing (RQF)), distribution and storage conditions.

Step 2. Determination of precise package sizing using mock-up samples.

Step 3. On-site testing to verify film machinability, examine machine cycle speed and productivity, and confirm requirements for coefficient of friction (COF), seal temperature, and seal integrity.

Step 4. Providing initial and ongoing guidance to manufacturing facilities including die-line specifications, roll winding directions, eye mark positions, and box marking.

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