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Stock Packaging Film Solutions

Improve your product's visual appeal and shelf life with Flair's rollstock film packaging solution. In addition to our extensive inventory of bags and specialty pouches, Flair's stock packaging program maintains an inventory of commonly used rollstock packaging materials used in a variety of food packaging such as meat, cheese, prepared meals, fruits and vegetables, and more. Our rollstock program includes lidding films, forming films, non-forming films, and films for horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) and vertical form fill seal (VFFS) systems.

Available in low barrier, standard barrier, and high barrier format, Flair's stock packaging films provide excellent machinability, formability, sealing, and cutting characteristics, and contact clarity characteristics.

Flair's stock packaging program provides quality, convenience, and competitiveness for manufacturers of all sizes. To learn more, or to arrange for samples, contact Flair Flexible Packaging today.