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Tactile Packaging Solutions: Real Touch

Real Touch is a tactile packaging innovation that enhances your competitive advantage on the shelf, by adding texture to your brand packaging designs.

  • Innovative alternative to conventional print
  • Economical solution for superior brand differentiation
  • Tactile enhancement for complete sensory experience
  • Unique textures for impactful shelf appeal
  • Developed for food applications

Give your packaging a more natural look & feel with Real Touch, Paper. Available for all film substrates in a wide range of paper styles, including kraft & rice paper. Learn more about Real Touch, Paper or connect with us for texture consultations & quotes.

Real Touch
"A memorable experience can forge a stronger connection to the product or service, increase satisfaction, and influence the consumer's behavior and attitude"

-T. Serra

As consumers continue to be bombarded with messaging that demands to be remembered, brands are facing the age-old challenge of rising above the noise to create a distinct, memorable identity. The highly printable surfaces of flexible packaging gave way to the traditional focus on the visual appeal of brand packaging, such as vibrant, eye-catching graphics that differentiate from competitors on the shelf.

While the traditional focus has served brands well, a growing understanding of the significance of sensory data in consumers’ assessments shows that they also rely on tactile properties to select their favorite brands and products. The snack product in a pouch that feels thin, flimsy and easily wrinkled, does not drive the same perceptions as the stiffer, thicker pouch next to it. Tactile-based inferences, whether taken in isolation of visual cues or together with them, allow us to complete our assessments. Real Touch enables brands to communicate this tactile data, offering your unique product the premium look it deserves, without the premium price tag.

When the first interaction a consumer has with your brand sets the precedent for all future interactions, creating a memorable experience is critical to its success.  Flair's Real Touch offers the opportunity for your brand to set a strong precedent and deliver that memorable experience.