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General Information

What if I need my order faster than your typical lead times? Can Flair fulfill a rush order?

The ability to fulfill a rush order is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The decision depends on work load and product availability at any given time. We try to accommodate rush order requests whenever possible. To initiate a rush order, contact your Flair sales or customer support representative. If this is a first-time order, simply call the Flair location nearest you and a representative will help you.

Can I set up an account with Flair or must I prepay for all orders?

Customers are always welcome to prepay orders or work on a cash basis. However, Flair also works with many customers on credit. A credit application must be submitted before Flair will complete any work on a customer's first order. For a complete copy of our Credit Policy or to initiate a credit application, contact a Flair sales representative or customer support representative at the location nearest you.

Does Flair require a minimum order?

Yes. We require a minimum order of $300.00. A $30.00 small order fee will be charged on any order less than $300.00.

How do I contact a Flair representative in my area?

Feel free to email us at or call our sales office in the USA at (920) 574-3121 or in Canada at (403) 207-3226.  We will direct you to your closest local Flair representative.

How do I make a return?

To initiate a product return, contact your Flair customer support or sales representative via email or telephone for authorization. Within the USA, call 920-574-3121. Within Canada, call 403-207-3226. No returns will be accepted without prior notification and approval. There may be a restocking fee. Please note that custom-made items are NOT RETURNABLE except when the package is defective or is damaged in shipping. Stock products must be in the same condition as when purchased and should still be in original packaging within six (6) months of purchase. Your Flair representative can provide you with the complete text of our Return Policy.

What are Flair’s lead times?

Generally Flair delivers custom packaging solution in about 8-9 weeks from the point of artwork approval by the customer. Delivery of items that Flair keeps in its warehouses is typically done in 4 weeks from the point of order.

What are your minimum run quantities?

Minimum run quantities are determined from the amount of packages that can be produced from printing a master roll of film. This is dependent on the size and style of the package being produced. Please call for specifics.

Where is Flair’s customer support located?

Flair customer support is located in Appleton, Wisconsin and in Calgary, Canada. You may call the Wisconsin office at (920) 574-3121, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm CST. You may call the Canadian office at (403) 207-3226, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm MST.

Design and Print Management Questions

Can Flair print a matte coating in register with our design?

Yes, Flair can register a matte coating with a reverse printed design.  Please contact your Flair representative for exact print tolerances.  In Canada, call (403) 207-3226.  In the USA, call (920) 574-3121.

Can I order a “combo run” of various SKU’s to reduce my minimum order quantity of bags?

No. Flair doesn’t print several items “up” on the same plates to reduce the order quantity.

Can stock pouches be custom printed?

Printing is done when the packaging is still in a roll stock format. Therefore any printing on pouches is considered to be a custom packaging project.

Do you produce labels?

No, Flair does not produce labels. We print on the packaging itself for unique branding opportunities.

Does Flair use the Rotogravure Printing process, and what does this technology involve?

Yes, Flair utilizes the rotogravure printing process. With gravure printing, an image is etched into the surface of a metal plate.  The etched area is filled with ink and then the plate is rotated on a cylinder that transfers the image to the film or other material. Gravure printing offers some of the best resolution and picture quality in the industry.

How many colors can Flair print?

Although Flair has the capabilities to print over 10 colors, most printing is done with 8 colors (including C,M,Y,K).

What should I budget for cylinder costs on my new design?

Our rotogravure cylinders are of the highest industry standard and produce terrific printing results. While the total cost of cylinders is dependent upon the number of colors, the size of the bag, and other factors, Flair’s cylinders generally cost in the range of $400 to $500 each.  Please ask to see Flair’s cylinder policy for specific information on replacement and resurfacing costs.

Film and Technical Packaging Questions

Are all the products Flair supplies food safe?

All of the packaging Flair supplies are food safe materials/products. Official letters from Flair demonstrating that our products are compliant with FDA and CFIA regulations are available upon request.

Can Flair print an anti-skid coating on our large bags?

Yes, we can add a registered anti-skid coating to your material to help eliminate slippage or sliding when stacking bags.  This can be especially helpful during shipping and for easier storage.

Do you make a material that allows for easy open packages?

Yes, we supply films with peelable coatings.  We also manufacture other easy open features such as laser scoring or tear tapes.

Do you sell shrink bags?

No, Flair does not sell shrink bags at this time.

How many layers of material can Flair extrude?

Flair can extrude up to 11 layers.

Should MVTR and OTR be considered when selecting a packaging materials?

Yes, both OTR and MVTR should always be considered when selecting packaging materials for specific products. For example, some products will become rancid or oxidize in the presence of oxygen. For these types of products, a high barrier packaging film should be selected. Flair customer support representatives are always available to help guide the appropriate package choices to best protect your product.

What basic information does Flair need when recommending a film structure?

Please provide the following information when requesting help in determining the best film structure for your product and application:

  • Details of package content
  • Anticipated shelf life (current shelf life and new goal if desired)
  • Filling temperature
  • Post filling heat treatment including temperature, time, and pressure
  • Storage and shelf temperature (ambient, chilled, or frozen)
  • Any required features (printing, easy peel, easy tear, zipper, etc.)

What considerations should I factor into material selection related to our operational efficiency?

Performance on your equipment, production speeds, and waste are important factors to consider. We work closely with you to ensure that the products you buy are the best match and value for your operations.

What considerations should I factor into material selection related to the product and the package?

Exposure to extreme high and low temperatures during storage, shipping and general use, puncture resistance, aroma barrier, UV protection, and other factors all come into play when selecting an appropriate film structure to protect your product.  Please contact Flair for more information related to your specific product.  Our experts can recommend the best structure based on your entire packaging/distribution process.

What is MVTR?

Moisture vapor transmission rate is the rate at which water vapor will permeate through a film at specific conditions. It is measured in units of g/100 in2/24 hr in US standard units and by g/m2/24 hr in metric units.

What is OTR?

Oxygen transmission rate is the rate at which oxygen permeates through a film at specific temperature and relative humidity conditions. It is measured in units of cc/110 in2/24 hr in the US standard units and by cc/m2/24 hr in metric units.

Why is slip (control of COF) needed?

Slip facilitates performance on packaging lines to ensure constant or smooth tracking and smooth operation.  When COF is too high or too low, the film will not run as it should. It needs to match the packaging machine COF specification.

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