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Transparent Films Clearly Boost Sales!

Growing consumer preference for transparent packaging is undeniable. Studies conducted by the Association for Consumer Research confirm a commonly held belief that transparent (vs. non-transparent) packaging is one trigger that leads to higher purchase intention among consumers. Market research reported by Mintel has shown consumers' preference for transparent packaging relates to feelings of higher quality, freshness, and trust, with over 50% of shoppers agreeing on the importance of seeing a product through the package, and 30% indicating they judge product freshness by its appearance instead of the product's use-by date.  

This trend is especially prominent in the growing snack food category and other categories requiring high-barrier transparent films. Increased consumption of processed food items and ready-to-eat products is the major driver from the consumer. This change in food preference is thought to be due to increased disposable income levels and rapid urbanization as consumers find these types of food products both time and energy saving. 

This trend is expected to boost the demand for transparent films through at least 2021, according to multiple sources. For additional information on transparent films, contact Flair today.