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Flair Introduces Recyclable ENVi™ Pouches

Premade Pouches Boast Consumer-Friendly How2Recycle® Logo

Flair Flexible Packaging has introduced a line of recyclable multi-layer laminated film pouches. Called ENVi™, the pouches are approved by How2Recycle'®s Store Drop-Off label program of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). The How2Recycle® label clearly and concisely communicates to consumers how and where to recycle the pouch.

ENVi™ pouches are approved for participating in-store drop-off recycling programs; available in both standard and high barrier structures with exceptional barrier performance; and customizable with press-to-close zippers, hang holes, tear notches, clear windows, and exceptional gloss or matte, or partial matte printing.

Hanil Lee, Flair's Senior Vice President of Technology, said flexible packaging has long been a sustainable packaging solution at every stage of its lifecycle except end-of-life. “It’s lightweight, protects product freshness to prevent waste, guards products in transit and storage, and now it can be recycled after use,” he said. “Now we have a packaging solution that honors the environment at the same time it honors brand owners’ sustainability values in the marketplace. ENVi™ pouches genuinely support a circular economy where recyclers receive good quality material and consumers are empowered to recycle more and recycle better.”


The recyclable pouch from Flair Flexible Packaging is called ENVi™ and is approved by How2Recycle'®s Store Drop-Off label program.


For more than 25 years, Flair Flexible Packaging has served brand owners with transformative packaging solutions. The makers of LiDynamics®, FlairPak ®, PlatiNum ™, and ENVI™, Flair facilities and teams in Appleton, Wisconsin; Calgary; Guadalajara; Seoul; and Tacoma, Washington serve industry innovators in the fields of food and beverage; tea and coffee; health and beauty; pet food; cleaning solutions; lawn and garden; and medical, industrial, and chemical services and production. Flair Flexible Packaging collaborates with brand owners to internalize a brand’s values and represent them in the marketplace with skill and confidence through effective, eye-catching packaging solutions. Flair is distinctive for its complete research and development capabilities; colorful, crisp, and dimensional up-to-10-color reverse rotogravure printing; global production and comprehensive logistics; proven Brand Color Management program, and Certified GFSI and FSSC22000 food safety credentials. Flair introduced its 100% recyclable ENVi™ premade pouches in fall 2018. Learn more at