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Latin America Mixed Container Program lets manufacturers fill containers to their needs

Appleton, WI; September 2017 -- Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation's Latin American Mixed Container Program (MCP) gives manufacturers the benefits of ordering shipping-container quantities with the flexibility of small-quantity ordering. This extremely versatile program simplifies and streamlines the process of selecting, ordering, and obtaining packaging materials throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Flair's MCP allows Latin American manufacturers to select from an extensive line of forming, non-forming, and lidding films, vacuum pouches, and shrink bags, available with high, medium, and low barrier properties, for fresh, prepared, and cook-in applications. And unlike traditional container-quantity programs, Flair's MCP lets manufacturers fill a shipping container with multiple products in whatever volumes they need to meet their unique production demands. "The program is especially beneficial for processors with changing production needs but without a large amount of space to store surplus packaging materials," notes Marketing Communications Specialist, RJ Foster. "This system gives customers the best possible pricing for the exact quantities they need."

In addition to the products available through MCP, Flair offers a variety of general distribution items for the Latin American food and non-food industries. Intended for products sold in pouches, bags, or formed packages with applied labels, these product lines include stock coffee bags in a multitude of colors, M-seal bags, stand-up pouches available in clear and a variety of colors, retort pouches, lidding films, coffee valves, and rotisserie packaging for in-store sales of deli items. This readily available inventory can be quickly shipped from any of Flair's North American warehouses.

And for processors seeking unique packaging characteristics, designs, or graphics, Flair offers custom packaging solutions offering variability of gauge, barrier properties, peelability, thermal stability, and compatibility. Also available are technical analysis and structure consulting from experienced packaging engineers and creative design support from innovative graphics experts.

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