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Emerging Recycling Solutions in the Marketplace

A solution can be found in the How2Recycle® standardized label system of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). The How2Recycle® system is a two-pronged collaborative approach that helps industry leaders and brand owners develop new types of innovative recyclable packaging and simultaneously educates and empowers consumers about how and when to recycle them.

To partake in How2Recycle®, the packaging manufacturer and the brand owner must both be members of How2Recycle®. Brand owners looking for a recyclable packaging solution can partner with a flexible packaging manufacturer that has packaging material approved by How2Recycle®. The brand owner then submits artwork to How2Recycle® and receives a label for the product indicating how the different packaging components can be recycled. 

Figure 1:

What is it Worth? Going greener not only respects the environment, it drives respect for brands who invest in it. With more than 90 million American millennial consumers, the ROI in How2Recycle® is promising.

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