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Flair Employee Honored by TAPPI - June 2014

Flair Employee Honored by Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI)

Hanil (H.I.) Lee receives Certificate of Recognition for the 2014 Peer Review Committee from the TAPPI PLACE (Polymers, Laminations, Adhesives, Coatings, and Extrusions) Division

Appleton, WI; June 18, 2014
 – Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation is proud to announce that Hanil (H.I.) Lee, Vice President of Technology, was recently selected to serve as a member of the 2014 Peer Review Committee as part of TAPPI’s PLACE Division.  As part of this selection, a Certificate of Recognition was presented at an awards luncheon at the 2014 TAPPI PLACE Conference on Wednesday, May 14th in Ponte Vedra, FL.  TAPPI honors are awarded to individuals for contributions to the paper and related industries.  These honors are presented as a result of nominations submitted to the appropriate approving authority.

“Peer reviewers are selected for their technical expertise and knowledge in the industry,” said Kristi Ledbetter, Converting Division Manager of TAPPI.  “TAPPI is very proud of the quality of our technical program content and one of the main elements that make it so strong is the fact that all presentations are peer reviewed for accuracy and content.”

The 11 members of the Peer Review Committee include individuals from DuPont, Dow Chemical Company, and Honeywell International, placing H.I. in high company among industry peers.  “It is an honor to be named a member of the 2014 TAPPI PLACE Peer Review Committee”, H.I. stated.  “By reviewing manuscripts and presentation charts created by peers, it presents an excellent opportunity to keep current about developments within the industry.”

H.I. has been working in the packing industry since 1980.  He began his career as a Production Engineer for a BOPP, CPP, Mono HDPE and PVC foods wrapping film company.  He completed his Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in South Korea and then continued his career at DuPont Chemical Company, working with polymers and converting/packaging machinery.  H.I. worked for DuPont for 20 years as an Asia Pacific Technical Director and a Senior Packaging Technical Consultant at the Technical Service Laboratory in Wilmington, DE.  Currently leading Flair’s technical group with 34 years of industry experience, H.I.’s influence has been significant in helping the company grow.

“H.I. has been an invaluable member of the Flair team,” said Young So, President of Flair.  “His wealth of knowledge in resins and the film production process has created cutting edge innovations to elevate Flair’s position in the industry.  In addition, H.I.’s dedication to lead Flair’s technical group has improved our quality assurance and R&D efforts which have been a critical part of our company’s continued growth.  We are very proud of his accomplishments that earned him this recognition and that he is part of the Flair family.”


TAPPI is an international trade organization that is dedicated to the paper and pulp industries.  This not for profit, volunteer-led association is built around a community comprised of thousands of member engineers, managers, scientists, suppliers and others from around the world.  Their focus is on emerging technologies and driving innovation for the packaging industry while providing premier educational resources to support the day-to-day duties of professionals.

About Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation

Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation is a fully integrated supplier of superior packaging and flexible film materials, technology, and design solutions for the food and non-food industries.  Flair prides itself on the ability to offer custom and stock bags, pouches, and films that fit the individual product needs of our customers.  Custom products are created by our award-winning design department and high-quality rotogravure printing capabilities, while Flair also retains a selection of commonly used packaging items for quick ordering and delivery.  Whatever your product or conditions, Flair is your packaging partner providing the materials you need to ensure success from start to finish.

A leader in the world of specialty food packaging, Flair’s engineering team has created a range of packaging materials designed to meet unique product, process, and storage demands for customers across many industries, including: Dairy & Deli, Frozen & Retort, Meat & Seafood, Coffee & Tea, Pet Food, Gourmet Snacks, Grains & Baking, Lawn & Garden, and Non-food (medical, pharmaceutical, etc.).  As packaging consultants, designers, and producers, the team at Flair strives to understand our clients’ specific needs and bring solutions for their requirements.  These include safe packaging materials, shelf-life requirements, aesthetically appealing products, and sustainable packaging goals.

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