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Adding an Element to Flair's Thermoforming Films - July 2015

Appleton, WI; July 13, 2015 Flair is excited to introduce our peelable, non-forming high barrier film which is specially formulated to address the unique needs of thermoforming packaging systems. The PLATiNUM 2.8 Easy Peel film is part of our extensive stock program and is the newest product offering from our line of thermoforming films, which are ideal for a variety of products requiring a barrier to oxygen including various meats, cheeses, and lidding film applications. The PLATiNUM 2.8 Easy Peel structure has an EVOH enhanced composition which improves barrier properties and increases product shelf life, and metallocene enhanced seal layers improve sealability while maintaining an effortless peel strength. This chemistry and construction combine to give the film superior machinability and contact clarity.

Flair has ready-to-slit master rolls as part of our extensive stock program, while custom structures and printing are also available. In addition to the 2.8 Easy Peel film, our complete line of PLATiNUM film offerings include:

    • Non-Forming Films (High and Standard Barrier)
      • 2.8 mil co-extruded film
      • 4.0 mil co-extruded film
    • Forming Films (High and Standard Barrier)
      • 4.0 mil co-extruded film
      • 5.0 mil co-extruded film
      • 6.0 mil co-extruded film
      • 7.0 mil co-extruded film
      • 9.0 mil co-extruded film

Call to speak with a Flair sales representative today and request a sample (USA: 920-574-3121; Canada: 403-207-3226) or click here to see our PLATiNUM brochure.

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