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U-Fill Snack Pack™ Fitment Pouches Designed for Homemade Baby Food On-the-Go - Jan, 2013

(Appleton, Wis.) – Parents can now conveniently package homemade pureed baby food into easy-to-use, minimal-mess fitment pouches thanks to a new line of U-Fill Snack Pack ™ Fitment Pouches from Rowan U-Fill Group, Cincinnati, Ohio. Pureed food is poured or spooned into a resealable pouch. The top of the pouch is equipped with a spout for older children to self-feed or parents to neatly squeeze food onto a spoon. Complete with write-on labels for noting dates and contents, the freezable 98mm x 169mm (4oz) multilayer laminate pouches are entirely food safe and BPA-free.

Flair Flexible Packaging worked closely with Rowan U-Fill Group to create a pouch that is both safe for young children and also convenient for parents.

Steve McDowall, U-Fill co-founder, designed the Snack Pack™ to empower parents to nutritiously feed their children with baby food that has been made at home. The multilayer laminate structure limits both light and moisture transmission to keep food fresh longer. Currently sold online in 10-, 20-, 30- and 50-pack units at, the pouches arrive safely equipped with a 8mm choke resistant and tamper-evident cap.

As packaging consultants, designers and producers, the team at Flair Flexible Packaging works with customers to determine pouch and closure design to meet any given product’s size, temperature and usability requirements. More information is available by calling (920) 574-3121 from within the United States or (403) 207-3226 from within Canada.

Photo Caption: Parents can make, package and conveniently dispense homemade baby food using food-safe 4 oz. U-Fill Snack Packs™ spout fitment pouches from Flair Flexible Packaging.