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Flair Introduces New Graphic - September 2014

Appleton, WI; September 5, 2014
Flair is excited to introduce its new “Excellence in Flexible Packaging” graphic, which will be incorporated into various documents and marketing materials moving forward.  As Flair continues to grow, the company is focused on providing its customers with exceptional packaging solutions supported by strong technical, quality, and design resources.  Matching the company’s mission, this graphic will serve as a constant reminder of the level of products and services that Flair provides.

“In everything that Flair does, whether internally or externally, our ultimate goal is to provide high quality products and services to our customers,” said Cheryl Miller, Director of Corporate Operations.  “As a fully integrated supplier, we truly believe we can deliver “Excellence” throughout the entire packaging process, from concept and design through the finished product. We want to convey this commitment to our customers and employees alike."

In addition to providing stock bags, pouches, and films, Flair offers nearly unlimited custom engineering and/or custom rotogravure printing capabilities to make almost any packaging idea a reality.  Flair’s team of professional packaging engineers is dedicated to manufacturing the safest, highest quality film and bags.  The company has state-of-the-art laboratory equipment that can analyze films to determine structures and provide detailed film material content specifications, including the capabilities to reverse engineer packaging compositions.

To ensure high-quality graphics on clients’ packaging, the company utilizes rotogravure printing processes which offer some of the best resolution and picture quality in the industry.  Flair has instituted a Color Management System that encompasses the entire print process, being involved with everything from artwork creation through the final product print.  Utilizing quality tests and sample checks throughout, Flair strives to control the color process and deliver the graphics that are requested.  Tested and rated highly by customers, this process allows Flair to be highly involved to match the colors and final packaging arrangement to differentiate the product.

About Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation

Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation is a fully integrated supplier of flexible film materials, technology, and design solutions for the food and non-food industries.  Flair prides itself on the ability to offer custom and stock bags, pouches, and films that fit the individual product needs of its customers.  Custom products are created by the company’s award-winning design department and high-quality rotogravure printing capabilities.  In addition, Flair carries a vast selection of commonly used packaging items for quick ordering and delivery.  Whatever the product or conditions, Flair is an ideal packaging partner to ensure success from start to finish.

A leader in the world of specialty food packaging, Flair’s engineering team has created a range of packaging materials designed to meet unique product, process, and storage demands for customers across many industries, including: Dairy & Deli, Frozen & Retort, Meat & Seafood, Coffee & Tea, Pet Food, Gourmet Snacks, Grains & Baking, Lawn & Garden, and Non-food (medical, pharmaceutical, etc.).  As packaging consultants, designers, and producers, the team at Flair strives to understand its clients’ specific needs and bring solutions for their requirements.  These include safe packaging materials, shelf-life requirements, aesthetically appealing products, and sustainable packaging goals.

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