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Having a Flair for Cold Seal Films - November 2016

Appleton, WI; November 2, 2016 For a film application that can cause headaches, having peace of mind goes a long way.  This is why many customers have turned to Flair to meet their cold seal packaging needs. Cold seal packaging often demands strict adhesive tolerances, meaning film consistency is critical to keep operations running smoothly. With our vast experience in cold seal applications, Flair has engineered films that meet these strict requirements and provide customers with consistent quality and machinability.

Cold seal films are designed to seal instantly by the use of pressure instead of heat.  These films can be used for a variety of applications but are extremely popular for snack bars and candy bars. In manufacturing these films for more than 20 years, Flair continues to provide customers with quality products for cold seal applications, meeting custom film specifications including gauge, size, barrier (standard or high), and lamination types (extrusion lamination or adhesive lamination).  Triple point quality inspections ensure the film meets specifications, and when adding in the versatility of our films to run on various machines, these advantages make Flair a premium provider of cold seal films.

In addition to the films, Flair offers superior rotogravure print quality to bring the entire package together. 
Flair has instituted its highly detailed Brand Color Management system, which was designed to match customers’ colors as closely as possible and deliver consistency time after time.  Encompassing the entire print process from artwork creation to the final product print, Flair utilizes quality tests and sample checks throughout to deliver exceptional rotogravure printing to make your product stand out. 

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About Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation
Flair is a fully integrated supplier of flexible film materials, technology, and design solutions for the food and non-food industries.  Flair prides itself on the ability to offer custom and stock bags, pouches, and roll stock films that fit the individual product needs of our customers.  Custom products are created by our award-winning design department and rotogravure printing capabilities, while Flair also retains a selection of commonly used packaging items for quick ordering and delivery.  A leader in the world of specialty food packaging, Flair’s engineering team has created a range of packaging materials designed to meet unique product, process, and shelf life demands for customers across many industries.

In addition to providing quality products, Flair offers services that benefit our customers in all aspects of flexible packaging.  Flair employs a talented team of packaging engineers and scientists who are able to meet today’s research and development challenges utilizing our state-of-the-art laboratory. We manufacture the safest and highest quality films, bags, and pouches while also possessing the design and print management capabilities to create enticing graphics that make your packaging stand out. We have established a Brand Color Management (BCM) system that encompasses the entire print process, including everything from artwork creation to the final product print. Utilizing quality tests and sample checks throughout, Flair delivers exceptional rotogravure printing and can provide evaluation reports demonstrating our color accuracy. Flair also has trained field technicians who are available to optimize and troubleshoot your packaging line and equipment. Whatever your product or processing conditions, Flair is your complete packaging partner providing you with excellence in flexible packaging solutions.