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Matrix24 Laboratories Provides Necessary Buzzkill for the Outdoors - May 2014

Appleton, WI; May 16, 2014 – Mosquitoes are nasty insects. Along with an itchy bite, they can carry and transmit a number of diseases.  In addition, most mosquito repellents use sprays or chemicals that cover our bodies with dangerous toxins, chemicals, and poisons, which makes inhalation a serious concern – especially for children.  Who wants to worry about all that while camping or enjoying your own backyard?

Matrix24 Laboratories founder John Harlin was determined to find a better, all-natural alternative.  After six years of research and development, EverSāfe all-natural mosquito control was introduced to the market in 2014.   The solution is a non-toxic, mostly botanical formula that only requires the user to add water to activate.   Once activated, EverSāfe™ releases a safe scent that jams the mosquitoes’ receptors and causes them not to bite.  Just one EverSāfe™ unit protects 1/3 of an acre — about the size of an average backyard — for a full week. When the week is up, simply replace the pouch or refill your Pyramid unit for continuous protection.  In most conditions, EverSāfe™ clears an area of biting mosquitoes in about two hours.

For assistance in getting this innovative product to the market, Harlin sought guidance from the packaging experts at Flair Flexible Packaging and Flair representative Neil Kopinski.  Since the product is not a spray nor is it applied to skin or clothing, the formula needed a proper container to hold the material and allow the vapor to escape.  “They have taken a genuine interest in our product and our needs from a technical standpoint, while still showing concern for being cost effective,” said Harlin.

Flair produces the pouches which are available in green or camouflage; the die-cut pouches are small, portable, and contain hang holes for ease of placement.  Consumers can also purchase a plastic pyramid unit which serves a similar purpose as the pouch but is reusable, more durable, and blends in discreetly with the lawn or landscaping.

Flair assisted with the design of the camouflage pouches and utilized our rotogravure printing and color match capabilities to ensure the pouch aligned properly with Matrix24’s request.  “Flair’s customer support team has been great to work with as they are always accessible and very responsive,” stated Harlin.


As packaging consultants, designers, and producers, the team at Flair Flexible Packaging works with customers to determine flexible packaging designs to meet any given product’s size, temperature and usability requirements. More information is available at or by calling 920-574- 3121 (U.S.), 403-207-3226 (Canada) or 888-202-3522 (International).