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New Thickness, Pre-Zippered, Stocking Program Available

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APPLETON, WI: Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of 4 mil high barrier pre-zippered vacuum pouches to their stock product program.

These products now provide optimum convenience and extended shelf-life for a wide range of products that have stringent moisture or oxygen barrier requirements allowing packers and processors to produce a truly value-added package.

The most popular applications for these products are for oxygen-sensitive products like beef jerky, processed meats, cheese, dried fruits, seeds as well as other products that have the potential to oxidize or develop rancidity over time. This new program offers products that add the convenience of re-sealability to high-barrier flexible packaging.

"This new packaging option appeals to today’s consumer's taste for products that are conveniently packaged and stored. It also provides the barrier protection that is essential for keeping foods fresher, longer," explained Jim Felder, manager of the stock program for Flair USA.

More product details and samples are available as well as expertise to help with packaging productivity and product marketability. Packaging experts are available to meet accordingly.

About Flair Flexible Packaging:

With its extensive experience, technology, expertise and a commitment to packaging innovation, Flair Flexible Packaging is a leading provider of packaging solutions for customers around the world. U.S. operations are based in Appleton, WI. Flair produces and distributes a wide range of packaging and performance-based materials serving an array of food, industrial, medical and consumer markets. In addition to rotogravure printed film, bags and pouches, Flair also offers a full line of vacuum pouches and thermoforming film and has the ability to convert to specification. They can be reached by phone 920-574-3121 or email