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Pesto Testimonial

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July 11th, 2011 Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation
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(Appleton, Wis.) – Artisanal foods manufacturer Le Grand of St-Joseph-du-Lac, Quebec, was at a crossroads. They needed to boost distribution of their gourmet cold-processed pesto sauces, yet address concerns about the product’s limited shelf-life. Compromising their highly-respected preservative-free recipes was not an option. Instead, Le Grand turned to new innovative packaging from Flair Flexible Packaging to improve their product’s visibility and additive-free shelf life.

According to Melanie Champagne, a business developer at Le Grand, the switch away from traditional glass jars to a 3-layer high-barrier flexible pouch with a heat-sealed pour spout was a very smart move. The high-barrier qualities of the functional film more effectively protect the product while it’s on the shelf. “The difference between the old jars and our pouches with spouts is that when the product is dispensed, no air goes back in. So our additive-free product doesn’t oxidize nearly as quickly as it used to. That’s all due to the new packaging, not the addition of preservatives or more oils. And our customers appreciate that there’s no double-dipping,” Champagne laughed. She calls the transformation “night and day,” as sales and positive customer feedback have both climbed to new heights. “A paper label on a jar could never compete with the high-end graphics on our pouch.” The artisanal recipes for pesto, tapenades, aromatic sauces and tzatziki by Le Grand are indeed a perfect fit for the creative collaborators at Flair Flexible Packaging.

As packaging consultants, designers and producers, the team at Flair Flexible Packaging works with customers to determine the spout and pouch design to meet any given product’s viscosity, dispensing characteristics, pouch size and material requirements.

About Flair Flexible Packaging:

A privately held company founded in 1992, Flair Flexible Packaging is an innovative global designer, converter, and distributor of flexible packaging. The company’s expertise includes a wide array of flexible packaging structures, including pouches, bags, and roll stock such as lidding and forming films. Our packaging solutions are enhanced by vibrant high quality 10-color reverse rotogravure graphics, custom perforations, notches, degassing valves, spout fitments and resealing alternatives. Multi-layer laminated and co-extruded film structures are specifically researched and developed to successfully package, preserve and market products for a variety of applications. Industries served include food and beverage, tea and coffee, health and beauty, pet food, cleaning solutions, lawn and garden, and medical, industrial and chemical. In addition, Flair offers its customers a full range of technical flexible packaging consulting services, creative design services and professional print management. Flair both sources and converts high quality cast and blown films at its plants in Calgary, Canada; Houston, Texas; and at partner plants near Seoul, South Korea. The company operates its own sales, converting and distribution centers in three domestic centers including Appleton, Wisconsin; Houston, Texas; and Vancouver, Washington. They can be reached by phone 920-574-3121 or email

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