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New Peelable Seal Layers for Tray/Lid Applications

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New Peelable Seal Layers for Tray / Lid Applications

What looks like a secret code is actually some amazing Flair seal layer options for tray / lid applications. ESPT and ESPP films are Flair designations for our peelable seal layers. When laminated to high barrier or standard barrier films, both ESPT and ESPP offer flexibility at a great price.

Peel Strength

The ESPT films seal to C-PET, A-PET, PET, HDPE, PS, and PVC trays or containers, forming a peelable seal between the film and the container. The ESPP films seal specifically to polypropylene trays and containers. Both films are designed to provide 600-700 g of peel strength. However, peel strength always varies with individual sealing temperatures, times, and container thickness in the seal area. We’d be happy to help you determine which film will work best for your product.

High Barrier vs. Standard Barrier

The Flair ESPT and ESPP films are available in both high and standard barriers. Through polyvinylidene chloride copolymer-coated PET (designated KPET), KPET laminated film provides a barrier to oxygen and other gases, moisture, odors, and flavors. Generally, if a product is susceptible to oxidation or rancidity – as with dairy products, sauces, processed meats, and other refrigerated items, for example – a high barrier KPET/ESPT or KPET/ESPP film will provide better protection for the product, leading to a longer shelf life. However, if a barrier is not needed (e.g. frozen applications), standard barrier PET film is a great alternative and is a little less expensive than the high barrier KPET films.

Tray Compatibility

In order to recommend the correct film, it is always important that we understand the composition of the tray or container that the film will be sealed to. If the composition is unknown, simply send the container or tray to Flair and our technical team will help you determine which film best suits the needs of the product and will effectively seal to the tray or container.

Need it Fast?

Flair has a terrific stock program for lidding film that can meet the needs of nearly any application. Master rolls of film are stocked in our Calgary warehouse and can be slit to nearly any web width. The program is intended to meet customer needs with short lead times and quick turnaround. Our trained customer support team is also available to answer any questions, send out specifics on the program, or help arrange samples.