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Pet Food Packaging Solutions

As with any food application, proper pet food packaging is essential for ensuring quality, maintaining freshness, and extending product shelf life. Whether you're looking for premium dog food packaging bags for high volume kibble products, or specialty pouches for treats or single serving portions of shelf stable wet pet foods, Flair Flexible Packaging has the flexible packaging films you need to contain it perfectly. From retort pouches to rollstock filmsstandard bags to stand-up pouches, custom handles to closures, Flair has the barrier and protection characteristics products need and the convenience features customers want. Flair also provides assistance with packaging and graphic design, helping manufacturers develop unique shapes and imagery that improve consumer engagement and increase brand awareness.

  • Maintain freshness
  • Extend shelf-life
  • Retain palatability
  • Maintain nutrient integrity
  • Reduce product losses through filling and distribution
  • Improve shelf presence and brand awareness

From barriers that protect any product to designs that build any brand, Flair has the technology and creativity to make your product the best-in-show.

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