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Stock Packaging Solutions

Our customers enjoy our extensive stock packaging program which provides rapid access to a variety of bag styles for food packaging and non-food packaging applications.

  • M-seal and rotisserie chicken bags used for household goods, lawn and garden packaging, medical supplies, and more
  • An array of colors and sizes for coffee bags or tea packaging with tin-ties and/or one-way degassing valves
  • The highly versatile stand-up pouch used for everything from baby and snack food to even small household items.
  • Our widely popular vacuum pouch program for food packaging applications in meat, seafood and dairy/deli
  • Rollstock film including forming, non-forming and lidding film, which has revolutionized food packaging with great food protection properties, convenience features like easy peel, and clear fronts to improve shelf displays

Order from our stock packaging program and simply apply your own branding and content labels. Looking for a fully printed package with custom graphics and brand-building presence? Check out our custom packaging solutions and learn more about the many ways packaging can help build your brand.

From ensuring quality to increasing convenience, the answers to your packaging challenges are here, at Flair Flexible Packaging.

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