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Fitment Pouches

Fitment Pouch

Fitment pouches, also known as spout pouches, are growing in popularity for packaging many types of food and nonfood products. Fitment pouches often provide a less expensive, fully printable, more sustainable option to rigid containers.

Flair offers a wide range of fitment pouch options including drinking and pouring spouts, tamper-resistant caps, and child-proof spouts. Converting from rigid containers to flexible pouches means reduced production energy, decreased storage space needs, and lower transportation costs - making Fitment pouches from Flair the economical and environmentally responsible packaging solution for your spout-pouch packaging needs.  

Spouts are applied at our state-of-the-art spout application facility located within the Flair production facility in Calgary, Canada. Whether you're packaging food products like juices or sauces, or nonfood products like fertilizer, Flair has the most commonly used spout sizes in stock and and ready to create a uniquely perfect user-friendly package for your unique product packaging needs.