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Stock Packaging Solutions

In order to provide quick, easy ordering and shipping of products while keeping our costs competitive, Flair carries on-hand inventory of a core group of our most popular products and sizes as part of our extensive stock program.  This includes various bags (M-Seal and rotisserie, valved or tin-tied), pouches (stand up, vacuum, retort, pre-zippered, safe handling, and clear front/printed back), and roll stock film (forming, non-forming, and lidding).

  • Vacuum pouches have a medium oxygen barrier and are commonly used to package processed meats and cheeses but also are used for other items such as coffee, circuit boards and much more.
  • The M-Seal bag style is commonly known as the traditional coffee bag style. However, M-seal bags can be used to package many more items such as cookies, tea, snacks, non-food items and much more. They are available in quality high barrier foil laminations in many colors and sizes.
  • Flair stand up pouches are available in a multitude of styles, colors and sizes. Flair has the pouch to meet almost any product requirement.
  • Flair carries a full portfolio of lidding films in stock within our LiDynamics Program.
  • Clear front / printed back high barrier vacuum pouches are perfect for packaging processed meats and other items that need to be packaged in a high barrier pouch. The crystal clear front allows for product viewing all the while providing a great barrier to oxygen.
  • Retort pouches are constructed using high quality film laminations intended to withstand thermal processing. They are available in gold and contain a product safety warning printed in black. They are commonly used to retort package fish and are available in a number of sizes.
  • Flair rotisserie bags include the Deli Solutions line of packaging as well as other stock rotisserie bag designs. Bright and eye-catching graphics coupled with superior films that withstand deli warmer case heat make the Flair deli bags an excellent choice to merchandise many deli food items.
  • Flair forming films are designed to meet today’s demanding food packaging requirements. Our 11-layer co-extruded film technology provides excellent formability, outstanding gloss, and contact clarity characteristics. Flair forming films have exceptional sealing and cutting characteristics and are ideal for packaging a variety of products including fresh, processed or frozen meats, cheeses, surimi, frozen seafood and more.
  • Flair Packaging specializes in film solutions. Tackling your most challenging packaging application is our mission. Films that need to perform on high-speed equipment, withstand incredible pressures and drop tests, or provide unstoppable barriers are our specialty.
  • Flair offers additional products to better serve our customers. Look here for tin-ties, re-seal tabs and additional stock products